With more competition entering into the blogosphere, appearance has begun to play a key role in their sustenance. Most blogs do not possess the required quality to stand out in terms of design or comfort and hence, vanish into the throes of a growing market. This is devastating if you are an online business trying to make a name. That is why a growing number of firms have resorted to use ‘design to code conversions’ in order to improve the appearance of their wordpress blog sites.

Not all blog sites and themes are perfectly designed. Designers often miss small codes that make it difficult for the user to get an exact blog appearance as he had in mind. There are also many, who opine that the wordpress themes are too staid and common for use. Well, here is where pixel perfect hand-coded themes come handy. This is a great way to give your blog the standout look. We help you in designing a unique and pixel perfect website that is both one of a kind and functional. We are well versed in ‘design to code’ conversions and provide you with time and cost effective services that satisfy your design needs to the last.

You can expect pixel precise hand-coded markup services (PSD to HTML/XHTML/CSS) from us along with implementation of designs onto a variety of your themes and also website re-coding services. We believe in absolute customer satisfaction, and make it a point to give a keen ear to your demands and requirements before creating any design. Our services will make sure that the designs comply with your corporate taste and creativity along with providing your reader the best functionality. This will help your blog make a niche for itself in the crowd.