The WordPress Loop is the centre of a good WordPress powered site, providing its owner with ample opportunities to customise and develop the site according to their requirement. It is one of the main processes of WordPress, which uses it in order to scour each of your posts and format them according to the criteria mentioned in the loop. Any HTML or PHP code inserted in the loop will be repeated in every other blog post. This is of a great utility for template tags or plugins that can be used to dress up your posts.

The loop displays the content you see on your homepage, your posts, and archives, even search results. The WordPress uses different templates to display your blog matter in various ways. There are templates for archive view, index view and category view as well as templates for viewing individual posts available in the default wordpress themes. This is done by using a slightly different format of the loop in each of these themes. A customised WP loop can be changed according to your requirement, giving your blog an individualistic and unique feel. This will help you to stand out among competition.

We provide you the option to customise WP loop according to your requirements and create a theme that caters to both your creative and business sensibilities. These themes will be coded after a study of your blog and a careful observation of what are your reader’s requirements and the best strategy for you to adapt to promote your blogs. The themes created in the customised WP loop will be compliant with the look and feel of your ideas and direction. With such a facility you can obtain a personal control over the look of your blog and add a personal touch to it.