A conditional tag is a very creative and important aspect of a wordpress theme. It can make the browsing experience for your readers very easy and also different. The conditional tags help in deciding what is displayed on your page and how it should be displayed. This can be adjusted according to the condition that matches the page. For instance, you could display a snippet of the texts above the series of posts, but only on the main page of your blog. A conditional tag helps you in this function. They are mainly used to manage the recent post listings that are displayed in the side bar of every page except the home page. Conditional tags mainly help you in customizing the display of your blog content.

Another important utility of the conditional tag is that it makes the browsing of the pages and the site very easy for the reader. Readers do not usually like to look for directions. So if they are looking for a certain post in particular and are finding it difficult to get there, your ratings might plummet. This can be avoided with the use of conditional tags. You can put in pointers, snippets of your posts and also categorise the appearance of these according to the theme and style of the page simplifying your reader’s browsing experience.

But creating conditional tags requires some care and expertise. We help you in creating conditional tags that will fulfill all your requirements and make your site look distinctly better and more organised than before. Our expertise will be used in the analysis of the major themes of your blog site and its categorising according to content and theme, helping it become more stylish and simpler in format. We will help you grab the attention of your reader and make them visit your site just for the browsing experience.